Single Shaft Mixer Grinder SSMG 300/130

The Koncept Tech Butcher Line SSMG 300/130 mixer/grinder is excellent for standardization/mixing and cooling of all types of meat raw material. With its gross mixer volume of 335 litres, it is suitable to be fed by 1 (one) standard stainless steel trolley.

Single Shaft Mixer/Grinder seen from front end.

The SSMG 300/130 is equipped with a 7,5 kW grinder motor and a 2,2 kW motor for the feeding/mixing wing. Both motors are equipped with frequency converter.

The SSMG 300/130 has a manually operated co2 lid with flange for customer’s exhaust system.

The SSMG 300/130 hygenic zone with inspection area between the worm/auger and the gear.

Inside view of the SSMG 300/130 335 litres mixing container.

Stainless steel worm7auger with threaded worm pin for easy replacement.