We sponsor a number of organizations and initiatives to support the good cause and our local community.
Red barnet

Red barnet is Denmark’s largest children’s rights organization. They are a member of the world’s largest independent children’s rights organization, Save the Children. Red barnet works in Denmark and more than 120 other countries where they fight for children’s rights. Read more here

Koncept Tech sponsors their great efforts in connection with the war in Ukraine.


Each year, the five Julemærkhjem help up to 1,000 children aged 7-14. The children struggle with loneliness, bullying and dissatisfaction. When the children come to Julemærkehjem, they get help to find their strengths and build their self-esteem, so that they can again join communities. Read more here

Koncept Tech sponsors Julemærkehjemmene to help give children a fresh start.


The association Veteranskytterne is dedicated to current and former soldiers who have been injured in connection with service, as well as their relatives. The majority of these soldiers have been seriously injured or otherwise affected by their deployment. Read more here

Koncept Tech supports the brand Veterans’ Charity Coffee and has held event in collaboration with Veteranskytterne Challenge Denmark.